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I'll be selling some art this weekend at Anime Central in Rosemont, Illinois.  Come stop by my booth (Opallene Dreams, E24)!  You know...If you want to... Fluttershy - Free icon for ~Crystallyna 
Greetings!  Let the rejoicing be heard in the streets; DeviantArt now allows username changes.  (I kind of hope a rep is reading, because: Do you hear that, DeviantArt?  That's one of the major reasons I stayed away for so long!)  You may see pieces in this gallery signed "Aoi Umi" or "Aurorawolf" (former usernames from former lives) or even "E.D." (my real initials).  I'm reviving this DA account because I'm back on a fanart kick and I still like my old pieces enough to be associated with them.  So please look, enjoy...Welcome!
If you came here from the Sketchbook Project, allow me to point you over to my new blog/website.  This space here (DeviantArt) contains mainly anime fanart, but also some photography (which I might migrate over there eventually).
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I decided to participate in Art-House Co-op's Sketchbook Project this year.  It was recommended that I give a website address, but, being a hobbyist (and college newspaper illustrator), I'm not out for selling my art right now and don't have it together enough to manage a real website.  I realize that DeviantArt is sort of questionable, but my old account on here is about all I can manage right now, and will have to do.  I am thinning it out a bit, but retaining my favorite "fanart" pieces because they're still a part of my expressive past.  I freely admit that I have a history of anime infatuation, which has waned as I've grown up.  I'm a lifelong fan of animation and cartoons, however, and it's certainly influenced me.

Please accept my regrets for the account name.  I'd change it if I could, but it's a product of those silly bygone high school years.
I am in the process of uploading miscellaneous things from the past couple of years.  It's really difficult to go through old art and decide what I still like enough to post, and what sorts of things "go" with my gallery.  I feel like it has an anime/fanart tilt but I also have some pieces from my high school art classes that I may want include.  Ehh, whatever, what's wrong with being all over the place?  I'll post what I like. :D  Some things will unavoidably be out of chronological order, which bothers Perfectionist Me, but I'll deal. xD
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Wowwww....I haven't used this site in like 2 years.  It's sad, since I do like art and drawing. :(  Maybe I will post more recent things.  Maybe not.  We'll see.  Huh.  *stares around at things*
I got...I got...Prismacolor markers for Christmas!!  120 of them!!!  *has a heart attack and dies*  I haven't been posting art lately...mostly because I've been doing a lot of stuff for class.  But now I hope to get back into this site.  Yay!